Can you Hear A Bone Conduction Headset Whilst Wearing Earplugs?

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There is no reason why not. The main parts of the ears are, essentially, removed from the hearing process when listening to ‘Bonephones’.

A bone conduction headset is a portable speaker system designed to bypass the most sensitive portions of your ear in order to reduce the risk of hearing loss. According to recent studies, any noise over 100 decibels can cause hearing problems like tinnitus and temporary deafness, even resulting in permanent damage. Your average iPod can reach sounds as high as 115 decibels in the US, but here in the UK, special software limits most devices to about 100db.

Anyway, a bone conducting headset (a technology occasionally referred to as ‘Bonephones’) could be the best way to listen to your music safely. Patrick J. Kiger of How Stuff explains the science behind ‘Bonephones’.

“To understand how bone conduction works, you first have to understand how we hear sounds, which we do in two ways: Sound travels in waves through the air. Normally, sound waves travel through several structures in the ear, before being translated and transmitted through our nervous systems to our brains. First, the waves enter the outer ear, or pinna, which is the big flappy piece of cartilage that helps to focus the sound. From there, the sound goes into the air-filled middle ear, which includes the auditory canal and the eardrum, a flap of skin that vibrates when exposed to the energy from sound waves. On the other side of the eardrum, there are three small bones, the ossicles, which are attached to it. They transmit the vibration to the cochlea, a fluid-filled structure that takes those vibrations and converts them to electrical impulses that are sent along the auditory nerve to the brain. But that’s not the only way our body can process sound. Sound waves can also be transmitted through the bones in your head. When the bones vibrate, the sound reaches the cochlea, just as it would by going through the middle ear and eardrum, and results in the same sort of nerve impulses being transmitted to your brain. This method of sound transmission is called bone conduction”

According to Kiger, the great composer Beethoven employed a sort of prototypical version of this method. By attaching a rod both to his piano and to his head, he could ‘hear’ the music he was making, an innovative solution that shares the same essential principle with bone conduction.

‘Bonephones’ should have no effect whatsoever on whether a user is wearing earplugs or not, because the portion of the ear that is ‘plugged’ is not actually in use.

My own personal worries concerned the safety to the user of these new headphones, but Kiger affirms that,

“Deborah Price, a doctor of audiology and vice-chair of the Audiology Foundation of America, told Wired in 2004 that bone conduction is “very safe”

In addition, ‘Bonephones’ are especially good for the visually impaired user, who may wish to listen to music, audiobooks or other content without having to cover their ears.

The technology is still relatively new, but at the moment it appears to be perfectly safe and generally able to match the basic functions of a standard set of earbuds, although questions remain about the level of audio quality achieved via this method.

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Nano Earpiece – A Most Popular Gadget to Communicate Hassle Free

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headphonesNow a day when we are living very busy life we need some time to feel relaxed but as we are not able to go out and relax our mind we use some electronic items to entertain us such as mobile phone, i-pad, i-phone etc.
Now the problem is how to talk on your mobile phone and at the same time doing something else by using your hands. To sort out this problem, very effective nano earpieces come out on the market and many people are enjoying its unique and exclusive features and safety it provides.

Mostly wireless earpieces that are available in the market are small speakers that are placed in the ear, or you hook over the ear with a special attachment. These ear pieces have natural color that is very similar to the color of skin. These earpieces are invisible and undetectable when you put it in your ear.
The main reasons why a number of people, use the Nano earpiece is due to its hands free feature.
These Bluetooth earpieces are designed to keep in mind the convenience of users; the mechanism enables cell phone users to access their phones distantly. Through the mechanism; the user can pick and make calls, listen music and share information with other devices.

The Small Bluetooth Earpiece uses a wireless network to send information from one device to other connected device. In order to connect to the earpiece, the other devices have to support the Bluetooth efficiently. Through this Bluetooth connection, the user can access and control the phones functions integrated on the earpiece.

The Bluetooth earpiece is Very small in size, lighter in weight and easier to use when we compared to other mobile devices. These devices are also suitable to use in professional environments such as boardrooms as opposed to cell phones.

One other feature of these earpieces is that they have some rubber or foam to improve the sound and to drown out any disturbing noises. People who fond of music can find these earpieces very appealing. Sometimes to hear better sound users tend to increase the volume to hear their call or music which can harmful for their ears.
These nano earpieces remove this risk.
The demand of these earpieces is ever increasing in the market so compare prices and specifications before choosing your earpieces, there are so many mobile phone accessories are available in the market. Reviews and price comparisons will help you to find the item as per your needs.

To narrow your searches follow the advice of experts.
Nowadays mobile phone is everybody’s need and plays very important role in our life. With the right nano earpieces, you’re finally ready to call anytime, anywhere, conveniently. As there are several new designs exist in the market now it’s in your hand to choose the best one for you.

Sony PS Vita In-Ear Headset – Get the Best Out of your Sony PS Vita Console!

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Get the best out of your Sony PS Vita Console with the Sony PS Vita In-Ear Headset!
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Any ardent gamer would want to get the best out of their gaming consoles! Of course, playing games on your Sony PS Vita can be great fun. However, if you want to enjoy your favorite games to the fullest, then you might need the Sony PS Vita In-Ear Headset available at Nebraska Furniture Mart.

Combining several versatile features in a stylish design, this headset is sure to get you completely immersed in your PlayStation Vita.
Uncompromising Sound Quality:
Synonymous with quality, products from Sony have always delivered the best value for money and this PlayStation in-ear headset is no exception. It delivers exceptional sound quality, allowing you to experience the PS Vita gaming in its full sense. This headset isolates ambient sound, so you get to hear all of the action, and only the action!

It seals within your ear and thereby eliminates ambient noise, which means you can enjoy a matchless audio experience.
Microphone for Crystal-Clear Conversations:
This high-quality headset also features a microphone, so you can have crystal-clear conversations with your friends, while playing your favorite game. In case, you don’t want to be heard by your friends and co-gamers, then turn on the in-line mute switch.

This helps to improve your concentration which makes you to win more games.
Comfortable and Secure Fit:
The Sony PS Vita In-Ear Headset includes silicone ear tips of three sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for anyone and everyone! The buds are color-coded, making this headset absolutely stylish and functional.
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Which is the Best Place to Buy the 2 Way Radios?

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audioThe net seems to be the ideal spot to get your 2 way radios.
This really is mainly due to the positive aspects which you get like a buyer after you purchase it online. The main cause for you to purchase it on-line is the fact that you are going to be able to get the most beneficial item. Aside from getting able to obtain a high quality product, you will also have the ability to get it in a value which is pretty reasonable.

Actually, extra and a lot more people are purchasing all the items that they will need on the web. This may present them the chance to evaluate the numerous walkie talkies which are accessible and pick the single that they prefer.
The walkie talkie radios can also be bought in web-sites that are certain for the revenue of two-way radios. If you buy these products, you need to also examine no matter whether you can be capable of get the very best assistance too. A whole lot of folks do not believe from the provider element when they obtain two way radios.

Though you are going to favor that they may be great and should really not get damaged, there are actually occasions when it may get damaged either because of the producing complications or because of poor handling.
Whatever the reason for the damage towards the walkie talkies, they need to be repaired and serviced by exactly the same provider that sold it for you. This can guarantee a longer existence to the gadget. All this really is potential after you obtain the walkie talkie radios on-line.

The other benefit that a purchaser will get when buying the product on the net is that the various kinds of gadgets could be when compared. This comparison will consist of searching at features such as the price as well because the many capabilities which can be achievable around the device.
If you evaluate these issues, you will have the ability to create a conclusion regarding which are the top two way radios. When you identify the very best a single, then you are able to get it.

Another benefit of buying these devices on-line is the fact that you are going to be able to have a look at a variety of web sites and distinct sellers. This means that you can try to cut price with them to acquire the ideal excellent product in a lot much more affordable price than what exactly is quoted at an offline shop.
So, you’ll want to bear in mind to purchase the 2 way radios by way of the internet and obtain each of the benefits that happen to be supplied through the on the internet obtain of this gadget.

How Do Earphones Work?

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To put it very simply, your earphone includes a piece of plastic that vibrates in accordance to the signals received from the device it’s attached to. The plastic moves due to a metal coil that’s attached to a magnet, which allows the plastic to form the sound waves that pass into your ear.

That’s it, really. It seems easy enough, but I couldn’t have thought of it.

Jezen Thomas at provides a more detailed explanation to us, he says that,

“Earphones consist of a speaker cone, an iron coil, a magnet and speaker cables. When earphones are plugged into a music-playing device like a stereo, electricity is sent along the speaker cables. The speaker cables feed this electrical current through the iron coil, which behaves as an electromagnet. The coil then attracts or repels the permanent magnet, depending on the electrical current sent by the music-playing device. This causes the coil to move, which subsequently pushes and pulls the speaker cone. As the speaker cone vibrates as a result of this movement, it creates sonic waves that resonate through the air and are transferred through small bones and membranes inside your ear”.

Of course, there are different types of earphones, but basically, that’s it.

Some earphones, however, do feature additional functions. Noise-canceling headsets, for example, can generate a small field of white noise around the speaker itself, which acts as something of a vacuum and has the effect of disabling outside noise. These headphones are also better for the health of your inner ear than most other types. Sam Costello at writes,

“The noise around us can contribute to cause us to change how we listen to an iPod. If there’s a lot of noise nearby, it’s likely that we’ll turn up the iPod’s volume, thus increasing the chances of hearing loss. To cut down on, or eliminate, ambient noise, use noise-deadening or –cancelling headphones. They’re more expensive, but your ears will thank you”.

Chris Woodford, writing for ‘Explain That’, gives a detailed description of the main differences between earphones and speakers. Despite essentially operating in the same way, there are variations between the two, it seems. He says,

“The biggest difference between loudspeakers and headphones is, of course, size. A loudspeaker needs to set all the air moving in a room so you can hear the sound it’s making, but the speaker in a headphone only has to move the volume of air inside your ear canal. That’s why it can be so much smaller and more discreet”.
If, even after all this tech talk, you’re still interested in seeing what’s going on in your headphones, the Youtube user Cayde Brown has a series of videos called ‘Take Apart’, which will probably be of interest. In one episode, Cayde takes a pair of headphones apart and shows us exactly how they work.

What Is an Acoustic Tube Earpiece

audioThis site was appealing to us so i just wanted to share with all my readers
An acoustic tube earpiece is a special type of listening device that features a thin tube that helps transmit sound, which often fits behind the ear and is attached to an earbud placed inside of the ear. Such devices allow for hands-free operation of a two-way radio or may be used in mobile communications or television broadcasting. Sometimes referred to as a radio headset or a tactical earpiece, some also refer to this device as a surveillance earpiece.
This particular type of radio accessory is commonly used by security personnel and may feature an earpiece that includes a hidden microphone, making it highly useful for two-way communication. The earpiece does not have to include a microphone, however. Most are constructed so the tubing fits discreetly and comfortably behind the ear, which makes it useful for covert surveillance.
Though commonly used in security and covert operations, some also prefer an acoustic tube earpiece for mobile civilian devices, which include personal audio devices and mobile phones. Television broadcasters are also known to wear these earpieces, as they allow for communication between producers and broadcasters without being visible to viewers. Most are comfortable to wear and efficiently reduce background noise. They are also known to be particularly useful in noisy environments, as quality models make it easy for users to comfortably listen to incoming audio despite high environmental noise. Depending on the manufacturer, some may also feature volume control buttons on the cord.
Aside from a covert design and a high sound quality, one of the primary benefits of an acoustic tube earpiece is its durability. The sturdiness of some of these earpieces is often preferred over earpieces that feature exposed wiring, as well as certain wireless earpiece devices. Sturdy tubing protects delicate wiring crucial to the devices operation, which is particularly useful in occupations where the person wearing an earpiece may be required to engage in rigorous physical activity while wearing it. Such earpieces are also known to outlast other wired devices.
In order for an acoustic tube earpiece to work, it must be plugged into a wireless receiver, which is usually hidden beneath a persons clothing. Some are also accompanied by microphones, which are covertly placed on the users shoulder or at the wrist.

History of Call of Duty

What would you do if i stated I had found a earpiece piece that isn’t only interesting but informative also? I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so here it is the informative, superb and fascinating piece

Once your 40mm cannons are widely-used up I will quickly cycle to the Gatling gun to pick out off any enemies I’ve got in my prey.
The Gatling gun requires probably the most anticipation so make sure aim ahead of where your attackers are headed. Repeat these steps until ones AC-130 is frequently shot down or tell you its limited time frame.
One thing which found extremely beneficial in practicing when using the AC-130 was playing the Special Ops tasks. The mission “Overwatch” permits one player to pilot the AC-130 and the other player to play among the bushes and advance. This may be a wonderful way to learn how to use all 3 unique weapon modes essentially.

Try this in advance of playing online in a very deathmatch game and that you will notice the impact. A final tip is feel free to use the AC-130 to be able to destroy any opposing players air support they often of called with.
I hope you will have found this manual useful when learning Team deathmatch on the net or Domination recreation modes. The sheer powerful belonging to the AC-130 is an essential and vital Killstreak to master so that they can win many within the deathmatch games.
The history of Call of Duty will be an extensive topic to mention the least. This game has been out there for over basic steps years. With seven different editions in the game collection, new players might find it a bit hard to jump within the game. While game play is actually fun this can be a bit tougher to follow along with the story lines.
Let’s take a peek at some of all the expansions in get in touch with of duty.
The first Call up of Duty was released in October 2003. It was subsequently originally released while in the PC gaming system only. Players got the chance to become a soldier on an epic battle involving good VS nasty. Based on any Quake III Marketplace Engine this recreation was also catastrophe person shooter.

An extra edition to the phone call of Duty series was released in October 2005. As a consequence of growing popularity within counsel games and even upgraded platforms Speak to of Duty 2 was basically also released so that you can Xbox in Late 2005. It can also be interesting to observe that a version in Call of Duty 2 was released for cell cellular phones and smartphones.
Finally of Call of Duty was published one year afterward in November 2006. A substantial fan base grew in the first 3 versions.

Time between game releases did start to follow a yearly wait. In The fall of 2007 Call regarding Duty 4: Modern War Fair was released. This was the very first edition to get a mature audience review and marks the actual improvement of pictures and violence while in the Call of job series.
Now with a multitude of competing counsel systems Call of Duty: World at War was already released on 4 completely different platforms in Nov 2008. *Individual backlit volume controls permit you the luxury regarding fine-tuning each channel individually for that front, rear, target, and subwoofer.

And no more fumbling for the volume control or even mute button all through game-play (my key peeve about Turtle Beach’s X41 headset) considering the lighted controls!